Požární bezpečnost staveb


All materials that Steco Center installs in prefabricated houses are publicly categorized as „non-combustible“ and „low-combustible“, and wood as a basic element is additionally coated with fire-resistant gypsum or farmacel panels.

When we talk about classic building materials and their behavior during a fire, the fact is that concrete elements crack and metal loses its stability due to bending and twisting…

This gives wood an advantage in fire protection compared to other building materials. The wood creates a protective layer that prevents the supply of oxygen, thus preventing the spread of flames. A fire that engulfs the surface layer of wood creates carbon, and that layer has an extremely low coefficient of thermal conductivity, which creates natural protection against the further spread of fire.

It is very important to point out that wood does not lose its mechanical-elastic properties in the event of a fire. That is why when extinguishing a fire in a building whose main supporting structure is wooden, the entry of firefighters is practically safe, because the load-bearing capacity of the wooden structure will not fail for a long time, nor will it collapse.

In our construction, we carry out all the necessary wood protection – anti-insecticide and anti-fungicide, as well as fire protection F30 – F60 and F90, with the prescribed cross-sections of columns and beams for the supporting structure.

When it comes to special-purpose buildings and rooms that are additionally exposed to the risk of fire (boiler rooms, etc.), special fire-resistant plaster panels are installed that provide protection for 180 minutes.

Laminated wooden constructions are practically self-extinguishing if there is no source of flame that promotes their burning, and they can also be overstressed with steel rods to increase the load-bearing capacity of buildings.

If and when there is a fire in the house, the walls and ceilings never burn, but the furniture, curtains, carpet.

Fire is always the result of human negligence and inattention, not bad calculations or legal norms.


Ekologické a kvalitní materiály, aplikace nejnovějších technologií, vysoce kvalifikovaný a motivovaný tým profesionálů, estetika a funkčnost s přísným dodržováním termínů a vašich představ jsou základními principy při tvorbě STECO domů pro LEPŠÍ ŽIVOT!